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GIRL TALK: Our Favorite Foods & Recipes To Eat During Each Phase Of Our Cycle



[00:01] Intro [00:45] Connection with Natalie and food [01:32/04:24] Who is Natalie Pupo? [02:58] 'Holistic' can never be just one method of doing something especially with your health [ 06:54] Discovering new things on the other side to grow and help others [10:48] Question for Natalie: What phase are you in right now? [11:22] Question for Natalie: Do you cycle sync or seed cycle? [12:32] Struggling is normal [13:54] Healthy Meal Prep Time [14:54] Menstrual Phase and our favorite foods [19:40] Side note: It is idolized to have no body fat as a female but we need it [20:14] Maddie's favorite menstrual foods [26:07] Midroll [26:30] Question for Natalie: What is your favorite meal to prep for the menstrual phase? [27:35] Phase 2 & food favourites [33:00] Choose Quality foods [35:45] Maddie's favorite meal prep [37:46] How to feed the brain [38:07] Ovulatory phase and energy-giving foods & fruits [48:03] Luteal phase & food favorites [52:09] Food sensitivity while exploring [56:29] Contact Natalie [58:14] Outro



Food is important and so are our hormones. Today we have a guest speaker, Natalie Pupo, a holistic nutritionist who will be talking to us about her delicious and easy meal prep recipes to help keep our hormones healthy. We also speak about our food favorites during the different phases not limited to food sensitivity.


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Maddie Miles 0:00 Hello and welcome to another episode of the Maddie Miles Podcast. I am your host Maddy miles integrative health practitioner and female hormone guru. This podcast was made for both females and males who are looking to optimize their health through an integrative approach to overall wellness. Today, I have a very fun episode where I'm chatting with holistic nutritionist, Natalie pupo about some delicious recipes that are hormone healthy and super easy to meal prep, you will finish this episode feeling inspired to get down in the kitchen to support your hormones so that you can thrive. Now let's get to it. Hi, everyone, I am so dang pumped for today's episode, this is going to be so much fun. I love food so much and that we can and should use food as medicine for happy hormones, and an overall happy body. So today I am joined with one of my dear friends, Natalie, who I connected with over Instagram, about a year or so ago. And since then we have become such great friends and bounce so many ideas off each other since we both practice natural medicine and just healing the body. Naturally through food and through supplementation through movement through meditation, all of the above. So Natalie, Hello, my dear, do you want to introduce yourself to my incredible listeners? Yes, of Natalie Pupo 1:32 course I do. Hello, everyone. Um, as Maddie just mentioned, I'm a registered holistic nutritionist. I graduated from the Canadian School of Natural nutrition back in July 2019. I'm not gonna lie, it was literally the hardest and scariest exam I ever wrote. I sweat through like every layer of clothing, clothing I was wearing that day. But I got through it. And here I am now. So ever since I've been seeing clients on my own. And I'm so very proud to say that I now run my own business out of my home. And I actually see private clients locally as well as virtually around the world. My private clients and their programs typically run anywhere from three months to a full year, and are very uniquely designed customized plans. As a holistic nutritionist, I work to discover the underlying issue or root cause of my clients symptoms, and then ultimately read. Yeah, right. The root cause, or greatly reduce their symptoms using very specific foods in the form of delicious meal plans, as well as incorporating specific natural supplements to allow for deeper healing. And let's not forget the addition of lifestyle recommendations, usually in the form of exercise and meditation. Maddie Miles 2:56 Heck, yes. Hence why you're my girl. Because it's a holistic approach. And that's what you know, like the term holistic, whether you're like a holistic practitioner or holistic nutritionist, it's you use all forms and all like methods to heal your body and to balance it. Because it's not, it's never just one answer. You know, it's never just food. It's never just taking a multivitamin, or just meditating, you know, once a day, it's up. It's the whole picture. So I'm sorry, if I cut you off. I also like just to warn, warn all listeners right now. I took some vitamins earlier, like an hour ago, natural cognition boosting vitamins, natural, natural Adderall, and I had a panic attack. I do not need the extra energy. So I've learned my lesson. You know, I'd love to try things out myself. And I like treat myself as a little guinea pig and like my own, you know, lab, essentially. And yeah, so I'm very energetic right now more so than normal. And I'm normally very energetic. So if I am cutting in a lot and talking a lot, that is why I just want to give everyone a little rundown of what's going on. I'm sorry, but if I cut you off, please continue. Natalie Pupo 4:23 Okay, no, um, No, honestly, though, because my private clients work very closely with me, I'm able to gradually aid them into a deeper form of healing every single week. And on top of that, I also run virtual nutrition programs throughout the year. My last one being my Blue Zone inspired program, which gave insight to how centenarians and the Blue Zones of the world live a long prosperous life. And so all hams include, like delicious meal plans, and also the downloadable grocery list and nutritional information as well. So they're really really, really, really great. Um, I honestly Maddie, I got into functional medicine and holistic health, I'd say like five and a half ish years ago, when Jordan and I got married back in 2015, I really started to take it more and more seriously. About a year before our wedding like, let's say, 2014, I started to develop patterns of disordered eating, which eventually led to things as you know, orthorexia anemia amenorrhea and b 12. deficiency and I went through this continuous battle for like, almost three years. And so once I decided to honestly take control of my health, and like, literally in the mirror, I was like, Natalie, enough is enough. I made an appointment with an MD here in Agra, who like literally just told me that if I keep doing this, I'm going to end up in the hospital. So I just like cold turkey, told myself that I have to do this for myself. And, like, the day after, I just started working on myself. And like, literally every day, since I've set a time, set aside time every single day to heal, you know. Because like, I just find like, people's misconception today is like that, you know, three months from now that the program will be done, I'll be healed. And like, it's just it's such a misconception, because you're never fully healed. I feel like you need to work on yourself every single day, just something that we all need to do and to, you know, be a better version of ourselves. And, of course, Maddie Miles 6:30 yeah, we have to maintain the results. Natalie Pupo 6:32 Yeah, like holistic means Mind, Body spirit is something that we literally, to live fully and present in the moment, we need to work on that every day. So no matter what your goal is, what your health goals are, it's just so important to connect with yourself and better yourself every day. And, um, Maddie Miles 6:52 yeah, so I love that I yeah, I've dedicated my life to just forever learning and getting better every single day and learning more about, you know, the body and how to heal the body. And, you know, we're constantly discovering new things in the, in the health realm. And so just keeping up to date with, you know, current, you know, trends and, you know, discoveries and science, it's very important. And, you know, beyond the nutrition, and medical field, yeah, just, you know, getting better at, you know, getting more in tune with yourself and emotions. And, you know, there are just so many things that one can and should do on a daily basis to get better. Yeah, I don't, I've never actually met anyone who's like, I'm done. You better, like, I've maxed out like, I've never met anyone like that. But I actually have met people who have met people like that. And we kind of just laugh because we're like, you're just done. Baldo 7:49 Retired? Maddie Miles 7:50 Yeah, I'm retired from learning. I'm, you know, the best I can be. But anyway, thank you so much for opening up about that, Natalie, I know, we've connected about that a little bit. But you know, this is the first time that I've really gotten to talk to you like one on one. And we're even looking at each other's beautiful faces right now. And, you know, thank you so much for opening up about that. Eating Disorders. And disordered eating is very mainstream, but it's also not talked about a whole lot. You know, both males and females, but especially females. So thank you for opening up about that. As you know, I struggled with that as well. So you're not alone. There's never any judgment on my end about anything. But, you know, we're both on the other side. And I think sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom, in order to go hitting rock bottom and then recovering from it. To like, do the deepest growing that one can possibly do. And then, you know, people like us, not everyone wants to go and like help other people. Um, you know, it's, it takes a lot of time and energy. And not to say that one is like a better or worse person for helping other people after they've overcome their own struggles. But, you know, I think both of us we share that mission. And we're like, well, dang, it's way better on the other side. And, you know, we want to help other people, you know, get to the other side. So, thank you for sharing that mission with me, but Baldo 9:14 because I think you understand how, like, when you're in that, like, how difficult it could be right? Because it's not until you're on the other side, you're like, Oh, it's really not like, there's a better way so Natalie Pupo 9:25 yes, yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah. constantly remind my clients and like even my followers on social media, like honestly, it's the small simple things you do on a day to day basis that have such a profound effect on your overall health and wellness. It is so true, like, you know, start small, and you know, like, maybe like for you You're so inspiring with like meditation and like even if it's five minutes, like, honestly, everyone has five minutes to to just sit with themselves and Um, and focus on on what they need for the day and set that intention and move forward and how how, how amazing is that? You know? Maddie Miles 10:11 Totally. I mean, I just meditated for another five minutes because I thought I was having a panic attack. So you definitely can make time people. You know, we started this podcast 10 minutes late, so I could do that. But yes, I mean, this is such a great conversation, we could have a whole nother podcast episode about this and you know about the 8020 lifestyle where you know, 80% of your results come from just 20% of what you do. But today, I wanted us to talk about food and how food can help our hormones into some awesome recipes that people can meal prep to set them up for success throughout the week. But before we get into that, Natalie, I must ask you because I asked all of my my guests on this podcast. What phase Are you in right now? Natalie Pupo 10:56 Hi, I'm actually in my menstrual phase right now. Maddie Miles 11:00 Yo, you're looking so radiant for the menstrual phase. Okay, well, okay, so you're in your menstrual phase right now? I'm in my luteal phase, actually. So I'm sort of I'm just right behind. Yeah, I'm following behind you. Okay, do you? Do you psycho sync or seed cycle? Natalie Pupo 11:24 I do. I haven't seen cycling for Oh, gosh, a long, long time. I don't always grind my seeds. I know, you're supposed to grind them to way more effective. But I honestly I just find that this power of seeds is just just amazing. So I do do a lot of seeds every single day. And I do go with the menstrual cycle for sure. Um, but I kind of, more or less I like to just like incorporate hormone balancing foods all the time, you know, no matter what cycle I'm in. Um, but yeah, I know you're huge with with seed cycling, and. And you're getting more and more into that. And I just love that so much. Maddie Miles 12:10 I know it's crazy. I mean, because you knew me. And we met before I really dove into like, the hormonal side of things. So it's cool. Actually, I'm just, you know, realizing this now as we're talking like, you've seen my my transition and my growth. Natalie Pupo 12:26 Oh, yeah. Yeah. Maddie Miles 12:30 Yeah, earn Oh, gee, my friend. Yeah, no, it's so it's so funny. Because like, I, I didn't know what seed cycling was or cycles thinking was, you know, like, two years ago, I had no idea what it was when I started my page. I mean, I guess that was three years ago, I had no idea what any of this stuff was, I was on, you know, hormonal birth control myself, you know, and was educated not to say that it's bad to be on birth control. Um, I really try not to force my ideologies on anyone. But I will say, you know, I wasn't educated on what birth control was doing to my body, and I was taking it on a daily basis. And now look at me. Oh, how times change us. Natalie Pupo 13:11 Dating girl. Maddie Miles 13:13 Thank you. I feel so amazing and different. Someone asked me yesterday, a friend. They're like, how do you feel being off birth control. And I was like, I just feel like myself again. You know, how I imagined I felt before I got on birth control. And before I was sick with an eating disorder, but I just feel full of life. And I just feel happy. And you know, I mean, don't get me wrong. We all have bad days and bad moments, but I mean, I would say for the most part, I'm pretty dang happy. And I'm pretty much just like, roll with the flow, like, roll with the flow. Um, but yeah, go with the flow roll with the punches and it's pretty dang cool. Okay, before I get sidetracked again, Natalie, I need to I need to control myself. Let's get into some healthy meal prep. So I have my notes up right here from my cycle thinking 101 e book of all of the foods per phase. But that mean, let's just get into it. I want to have like a super fun and candid conversation about our favorite foods during each of the four phases. Some recipe ideas, you know, and how one could meal prep them so let's do it also, I'm looking at our notes right now on like our shared google doc and I love how we were chatting with each other at the same time we're like, Hey girl, lol Oh my goodness. Natalie Pupo 14:32 No. Maddie Miles 14:34 I saw you pop on like right as I started doing the outline and I was like, oh my gosh Natalie is so on top of it. I was telling Baldo this chair. I was like she is going to be like a really good guest because she's very on top of things. Natalie Pupo 14:51 Let's get into food for sure. Maddie Miles 14:53 Yeah. Okay. So phase one, which is the phase that you're in right now. Our menstrual phase so Okay, people menstrual phase now Natalie, you, um, you aren't 100% vegan. So you can, you know, include some foods as well, um, you know, some like animal products as well. But again, people who, you know, have my cycles again eba can see the full grocery list and you know, take this with them to the grocery store, but how about we just talk about, you know, our favorite foods during this phase? So you go first you tell me what are some of your favorite foods maybe from Egypt, like the major macro groups like? Yeah, you get into, you're like, you're like I got it. Maddie, stop it. Natalie Pupo 15:35 Yeah, got it. Okay, yeah. 100% So, like, we can start with grains maybe. is so so good for the menstrual phase. Um, I love Buffy I actually just made some buckwheat pancakes yesterday had this breakfast today. Um, vegetables that I'm into administration beets, I just had some beet juice this morning. I love love beets anytime, like you said you can eat these any time of the month. But Michelle for menschell phase as of course, we're a little bit lacking a little bit more an iron at during this phase because we are obviously menstruating. So beets are awesome for building healthy new red blood cells. Um, kelp kale, as she talkie button mushrooms are also awesome fruits. I would like usually stick with for mensuration blackberries, blueberries, cranberries, watermelons are awesome. legumes I would do more like soybeans, kidney Adzuki, beans, nuts and seeds. I literally could eat nuts and seeds all day, but I'm gonna given flax as you know, are the best for menstrual phases. And then yeah, meats, I'm not actually a huge meat person, I stick more to like a pescetarian diet. Um, but I do eat some chicken. Um, so yeah, I stick with chicken. And I also eat a lot of fish. So I would do a lot of omega three fatty fish like, obviously wild salmon. Um, Maddie Miles 17:20 we can only say a quick note on that. Um, so, you know, being plant based, I do take a really good omega three supplement. Because no matter I just want to make this quick note, like, I mean, after so many, there are so many labs to back this up. Even people who do eat meat and eat fish, like unless you're eating super high quality wild caught salmon, or sardines, like three times a week, most people like 99% of people are still low in omega threes. So it's super important to, you know, get some extra supplementation because I for a long time, too, was like, I'm fine. I eat flax and chia seeds every single day. Avocado like I am fine. But we, I just wanted to make that quick note, you know, because I always just want to help people and informed people. So it's definitely something to explore and to look into even if you do eat salmon, making sure again, that's you know, high quality wild caught salmon. And you know, making sure that your levels are still up to par. Because, you know, being deficient in omega three is very, very common. And there are a whole host of symptoms that come along with being deficient in that micronutrient just like any other micronutrient. Baldo 18:37 Well, I'm a great example of that, too. I was vegan for a long time, actually. And as I was started working with my business partner and our clinic, omega three was the one thing that just was always low, and I doubled my dose and tripled my dose and quadruple meadows. And it was not moving my markers. And that's just really a personal profile of my gut. And then the moment I was like, Well, let me try a fish oil, like a high quality DJ, it just moved the marker and I was like, I need that, like, you know, and so why make it more difficult. Right? Natalie Pupo 19:09 And, and not only that, but for hormone hormones. I mean, you need to have that good fat to fat communication. Like that's how our hormones connect with each other and how that's how these, you know, stay happy and healthy. So it's really important, like Maddie said that even if you are eating wild fish a few times a week, supplementation might be a good thing to add in as well just to make sure that you are getting that overall omega three ratio every single day, you know. Maddie Miles 19:39 Yeah, another side note, Isn't it crazy? How like it's idolized to like to have no fat body fat as a female and it's like, well, why weren't we taught in any like of the many years of education and schooling that we got that we actually need? bat? You know, we need it. Yes. Yes, I owe a whole nother episode to Mattie miles. Bad diets Baldo 20:07 when cholesterol, right? I mean, that's all hormones come from cholesterol. Natalie Pupo 20:11 Mm hmm. Maddie Miles 20:12 I know. Okay, can I tell you my favorite menstrual phase foods? Natalie Pupo 20:17 Okay, coming here I mentioned Facebook. Maddie Miles 20:21 I love beets as well. And someone told me yesterday that they didn't like bees. And we had about like a 10 minute conversation about why they didn't like beets, only to discover that they actually never have had beets alone. They've only had beets. And like smoothies and juices and like them. That doesn't count. You don't know what beets actually taste like. I really defended beets yesterday. So I was like, Oh, I'm really passionate about this food apparently. I love beets. I love roasting them. I love putting them into smoothies, like steaming them and then putting them into smoothies. I kind of G and I actually buy them already steamed up brand called love beets. Love beets. Yes. Great organic. I mean, they have a couple of different flavors, but I just get their plain steamed ones. And it's really easy if you don't want to like because honestly, it kind of intimidates me looking at an actual beetroot. And I'm like, What is that, like, that looks weird. I do not want to spend the time cooking that like it's so weird because there's some things like kabocha squash, which literally looks like a really scary ugly pumpkin. And I'm like, cool, I'll take that like, Oh, you know, roasted or put in my instant pot and steam it. But like with beets and like just random foods like that. And I'm too intimidated. I don't feel like doing it. So anyway, it's totally okay to shortcut it people, you do not have to do everything from scratch, especially in today's day and age where like we don't have endless amounts of time to be in the kitchen. Hence why we're talking about meal prep as well. So when it comes to beats, I think it's more than okay to kind of shortcut that a little bit and buy it them already steamed. And then you can freeze them for your smoothies. You can chop them up and throw them in with some carrots and sweet potatoes and roast them in the oven. So yeah, I love I love beets, kale, and she talking mushrooms are amazing, too. So I love doing that those like a kale salad and throwing in some like roasted shocking mushrooms. And I mean honestly, like the menstrual phase doesn't have a whole lot of like, foods that support it. It's an interesting phase for sure. Um, but I do love kidney beans. And I think you might Natalie Pupo 22:32 have to add on one more thing though, because beads leaves. I know, they're kind of like you kind of didn't want to you want to shortcut it, which is cool. But if you ever find them, just wash them really well. And put them through your juicer and they actually contain more nutrients than the beat. And they're really iron, which is awesome. Because especially when you're on your menstrual phase, you never know it. The leaves are actually super high in iron and vitamin K b six, and really fiber. Maddie Miles 23:07 I love learning You see, like I didn't know that I had no idea. So Baldo 23:11 that means that they're very anti inflammatory as well. Natalie Pupo 23:14 Your anti inflammatory actually Jordan and I he'll bring home the whole beat from the grocery store because my husband owns a grocery store. So he'll bring home the whole beat. And then I'll just chop off the leaves. Like I said, I'll wash them and I usually just saute them with like some honey and garlic and olive oil and I'll eat them like for lunch with some eggs or a piece of toast or whatever. And yeah, like I said, it's just nice to people throw them out, you know, it's like no, don't you want to throw those out? Maddie Miles 23:40 Alright, well now I'm gonna buy beats because he said that so I have to take I take one thing away, or at least one thing away from each my podcast episode. So like, you know, two episodes is vaginal steaming. I was like gonna try that. coffee enemas is when I released yesterday as I capture this and now I mean, we'll see if anything else comes up in this episode. But I guess for the first time in my life, I will buy beats the actual beats, and I will not only peel them and roast them, but I will eat the leaves. Baldo 24:07 So that the avocado seed you guys can just Maddie Miles 24:11 Is that a thing? Baldo 24:12 Having a vitamin mix is great, but like you just freakin blend the two called the avocado seed. It has so many antioxidants, so many anti cancer properties properties as well too. And it doesn't really have a taste. Maddie Miles 24:26 Why didn't we learn this in school? Baldo 24:29 But it's just one of those things. It's like, I just throw it in there when I make like, whatever I'm making when I make a lot of things with avocado, so Maddie Miles 24:35 that's awesome. Okay, so I want to know what I was getting into with kidney bean before we talked about the beat leaves which I'm so amazed by right now. Um, I one of my favorite things to meal prep for my menstrual phase is my it's my vegan chili. So I put kidney beans in there. I put kale in there. I put some mushrooms in there as well. She talky because those are my favorite and And the shocking mushroom is especially great for the space. And then sometimes I get like a little funky with it. And I put some wild rice in there because that's, you know, a good green for the space and adds like a nice kind of because it's a vegan chili so it doesn't have like ground beef in there. Is that what you put in normal jelly ground beef? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Um, so I just put some wild rice in it or you know, sometimes Keene law as well. But yeah, so that's, that's my favorite recipe to meal prep for this phase. And I just do a huge pot of it in my instant pot. And then it lasts me for, you know, a couple of days. And, yeah, Baldo 25:36 well, you could do the jackfruit, too. Maddie Miles 25:38 You could do jackfruit I mean, there's a you know, jackfruit is great for another phase, which we'll get there when we get there. But yes, you could, I mean, you can put anything that you want in it, it's just having like I tried to include like, just because it's a soup, it's a chili so you know, I try to throw in as many like vegetables and grains in there that I can that support this menstrual phase. So that's why I do like you know, the kidney beans, the the kale, the shocking mushrooms and the wild rice. This podcast is sponsored by MSW nutrition, one of my favorite supplement brands. All of their supplements come from FDA approved labs and our third party tested for purity. My favorite supplements are their liver love and their chill. You can use my code mm one five to save 15% on your order. Natalie Pupo 26:27 Awesome. All right. Maddie Miles 26:29 Well, heck yeah. Well, before we move on to the follicular phase, what is your favorite meal to meal prep for the menstrual phase? Natalie Pupo 26:37 Um, I would say I like I said I'm a breakfast person. So I get super excited for breakfast. So I would go to a my buckwheat pancakes which actually are pretty bomb. I need to put the recipe app on my website is a p so you just gave me the little push to do that. But um, yeah, I would probably have to say my buckwheat pancakes. So Maddie Miles 27:02 those are delicious. I'm definitely you have to share that recipe with me please. Because the pancakes and I would love to try some buckwheat pancakes. I love breakfast too. Food just gets me excited. Baldo 27:15 I like the word buckwheat, Maddie Miles 27:16 buckwheat. buckwheat? I think it's better when said with a British accent. Natalie Pupo 27:25 buckwheat Maddie Miles 27:27 buckwheat for my menstrual phase. Okay, phase two. And for anyone listening to this podcast episode, I really hope you know what phase two is by now because I talk about these things all the time. It is the follicular phase and the footcare Baldo 27:46 phase has that's my favorite phase. Maddie Miles 27:50 Although does like this phase, actually, when I'm in this phase because I'm very like I'm you know very creative and imaginative. You know, this is a phase where Baldo 28:01 I'm like, Oh, so I can tell you about a million things are now gonna look agree with me and like love it. And Maddie Miles 28:07 I'm like Willington Yeah, not that I agree with everything. But I definitely like like to plan out for sure. But then like any other time of the month, if he has like a cool idea, like business wise and like, just don't talk to me about it. Right. Next, let's execute it. Yeah. Let's execute what we you know, previously talked about during my previous follicular phase, let's chill on that for a month. And then next month, we could do it so funny. This is a little side note how like, you know, people always say people who aren't educated on females and female hormonal health, like females are so crazy, like their emotions are everywhere. I'm like, No, we actually go through very specific phases at the month. It's a males who are crazy. Males, you don't know what you're going to get every day. You know, it's like, are they going to be super like imaginative and creative? Or are they going to be like, sad and on their menstrual phase? Natalie Pupo 28:56 I know I know. Maddie Miles 28:59 Fathers disagree. Yeah, Tuesday. Baldo 29:03 That's fair. Okay, that's why I've meditated these days. Right. Maddie Miles 29:08 Okay, follicular phase. My favorite grain hands down oatmeal. I mean, I Oh, yeah, you're like, same here. I eat oatmeal throughout the entire month. But you know, during this phase, it's, it's particularly good to eat oatmeal and, or oats. Whether it's oat flour, or I don't know you make some granola with oats. Or does have oatmeal. Oh, I love oatmeal. I had some this morning. Baldo 29:33 What about milk? Maddie Miles 29:36 Yeah, I mean it's made just with people literally make their own oat milk with just water and oats. Baldo 29:41 Yeah, I'm like why am I buying this? Isn't that you make all milk cuz it's just add water to whatever Maddie Miles 29:46 pretty much but like with nuts, it's more of a process because you have to like that. Yeah. But you know, I mean literally just throw some oats and you know vanilla and cinnamon and like a date with some water in your blender and water. Well, I got some oat milk. Um, but yeah, I mean that's I think my favorite milk milk with a Why is coconut milk to use just like full fat coconut milk and you know a little goes a long way and I just love blending that with water and yeah that that's great but yeah so oh is my favorite crane my favorite vegetable would probably have to be broccoli yeah we are trends okay favorite fruit? Let's see if we can let's see 343 avocado Natalie Pupo 30:37 there there's a tie though. Yeah, okay, okay, yes. Maddie Miles 30:40 Okay, what was the tie between Let me guess Let me guess was the avocado and Sherry know what that's okay. Natalie Pupo 30:53 I love pomegranate. Maddie Miles 30:55 Oh, okay, well that one's Yes. I love pomegranates too. Baldo 31:00 I have messed up so much clothes with pomegranate. It's like just like they just stay in everything. Natalie Pupo 31:06 I blow my mind like I literally can't believe how much is in these little Ariel seeds. Baldo 31:15 My grandma had a pomegranate tree right outside and it felt it felt like it was always in bloom or whatever you call it and man we mess up. Every pomegranates Maddie Miles 31:24 are so delicious. I love pomegranate. Baldo 31:28 I don't know if I should go into this but I used to put like black cats like the firecrackers in them and throw them happy. Just because they would explode at the same time and then get everyone just read. Like Maddie Miles 31:42 interesting. Baldo 31:46 Sorry, pomegranates have a special meeting in my heart. Maddie Miles 31:50 That's hilarious. Okay, well at least we both agree on avocado. Okay, let's go for for for legumes. My favorite would be green lentils baby What Natalie Pupo 32:00 about you? Yes, green lentils for sure. I love lentils so much. Like Lima are mung beans. I don't Maddie Miles 32:08 know I love them all. But we just had we had cheese. Okay, and then five for five nuts. My favorite nut during this phase A cashews? cashews? Natalie Pupo 32:21 cashews. Yeah, cashews or Brazil nuts. I Maddie Miles 32:23 love Yes. Well, I love Brazil nuts and I have to every single day for my thyroid health. So I don't even associate them with like just the follicular phase. I just it's one of those things I make sure to incorporate every single day. But yes, I do love Brazil nuts. I think they're so delicious. cashews are just very delicious. And I love cashew butter. Natalie Pupo 32:45 Like incorporate a few more eggs for that cycle. Maddie Miles 32:49 Yeah, I don't eat. Um, I don't eat eggs. But I know I do have them on my grocery list on my cycle thinking guide, or people. Um, but yeah, some good you know, grass fed free range organic eggs highly recommend for people who do eggs, yeah, I can never any judgment on my end. Like I tell people, you know, like, even if you are plant based, like, um, you know, make sure that you're eating like whole soy and organic soy, not just like always the tofu nuggets. You know, and same with like fruits and vegetables, it always comes down to quality. So I don't care, like, you know, if you want to eat meat, fish, animal products, I just asked that, you know, like, be more conscious of the quality also be more conscious of how those animals are being treated. You know, because I'm a huge advocate for the animals, and I love them and also for the earth. So just making sure that you know, wherever you're buying your animal products from that, you know that farm preferably it's like a smaller local family owned farm. So you're supporting local, and, you know, they're treating their animals well, because you also are, what the Yeah, you and like when people say that it's so cliche, like you are what you eat, but it's like no, literally, if you're eating eggs from a chicken that was stressed out, because it was treated really poorly and was being fed really bad food. You're literally eating their cortisol. Baldo 34:18 Yeah, and of hormones, too. Maddie Miles 34:20 Yeah, and their hormones. So I always tell people, I'm like, I'm not some like crazy activist like plant based lady who's like, you have to hear plants. I'm like, No, if you eat plants, also make sure that they're high quality, because you're eating the pesticides or the chemicals that are on those plants as well. So, um, you know, I just I just wanted to say no judgement, like if you eat eggs, if you eat chicken, whatever it is, I don't care. I just want everyone to be healthy at the end of the day, you know, and how you feel and how you treat other people and how your labs look, those are all indicators of you know, if your body is on the right path or not. So just A little side note. Natalie Pupo 35:02 And I say it's true because all of the clients that I work with it all throughout my programs, they always tell me you know that you made me more aware and more conscious of what I'm putting in my body. And before this, I never did that. So thank you, you know, and it is it is so hard to to educate them on what they're putting in their body and not to be afraid of food in a way but just to just sit like I said, educate them and make them understand how important it is. And you are what you eat. You are what you absorb. So yeah, you just, you want to you want to make make the right choices. And yeah. Maddie Miles 35:41 Yes, preach it. Okay. Okay, and then before I finish up for this flick there, and you can talk about the nuclear. Well, I just loved that we had all of the same favorite foods. That was pretty. I thought it was nice to meet each other. Come to Austin. Natalie Pupo 35:57 Where do you want fries? We're like sisters. Maddie Miles 36:02 I know. I love it. It's amazing. Well, my favorite thing to meal prep during this. This phase and honestly, just throughout the month are overnight oats. I love soaking my grant. I mean, I always soak my grains and my leg games anyway, but making some overnight oats and that's what you get to wake up to in the morning. It's pretty genius, my friends, right? Natalie Pupo 36:23 I have to I'm with you on that line. And also have to go back to broccoli because broccoli is honestly so incredible. Um, broccoli for the viewers that don't know, they it contains a Phyto estrogenic compound called indalo three carbinol, which actually a lot of cruciferous vegetables have. And so vegetables like cauliflower, bok choy, brussel sprouts, cabbage, turnips, kale, all those kinds of meals, they actually help the compound actually helps to lower estrogen in the body, which is pretty amazing. So I don't know, anything, any kind of cruciferous vegetable, I honestly just like to roast in the oven with like olive oil and spices. I'm a huge spice fanatic, so I'm just doing that. Not ready for the week. I'm just keeping it simple, but still, you know, supporting our hormones at the same time. So yeah, Maddie Miles 37:19 that's probably what broccoli Yes, I've I've made um, broccoli pesto before. Have you ever put like broccoli in your pesto? Natalie Pupo 37:26 No, no, we're making pasta tonight girlfriend. Maddie Miles 37:30 You see, we're just always in sync, man. I knew it. Jordan texted me. He's like, yo, Natalie and I are making pasta tonight. Just kidding. I haven't talked to Jordan yet. But we're about to be best friends. Baldo 37:46 My friend Kevin Baumeister, who wrote a book, how to feed the brain. And he was trying to recover from a traumatic brain injury. He says broccoli is the most important food for brain health. Natalie Pupo 37:58 Yeah. Maddie Miles 38:00 That's cool. That is cool. Natalie Pupo 38:03 Okay, so. Okay, on to the next Yes, Maddie Miles 38:07 on to the next, the articulatory phase. So this phase, you know, for anyone who listened to my cycles and good episodes, you know that we have an abundance of natural energy during this phase. Of course, everyone's different. But, you know, when your hormones are in check, and they're balanced and they're happy, you do have a lot of extra energy during this phase. So um, you know, it's interesting to like, kind of go through the foods that go to support your hormones during this phase because you'll notice it's not a lot a whole lot of complex carbs because and again, this is a very short phase this is really the so this is our fertile window. And it's you know, about like four to five days for you know, the average female and an average cycle. And yes, really not a lot of complex carbs just not because carbs are bad. carbs are amazing, we need carbs, but we're saying like we we already have a lot of energy and what carbs are energy you know, so um, you know, the, the grains for example, during this phase during the observatory phase are amaranth and corn and Kima. So you're still eating grains, it's just the quote unquote, later more area. Grants and so I really love keen wa keema is so easy to meal prep, you can make a huge batch of it. And your instant pot pressure cooker or whatever or just you know on the stove, and you can make enough for the entire week you can have them for breakfast with some sliced banana or some fresh berries and some nut butter. Whatever seed butter that you're you know, eating for your face. You can have it like a Buddha bowl for lunch or dinner and make it using keen wah. So I love keen wa to eat as a grain during this phase. Natalie Pupo 39:46 Love it. I would say keen want to I don't actually cook amaranth a lot. But I just find qinhuai it really does like you said it soaks up the flavor so easily. You can literally throw it in any dish. You can have For breakfast lunch or dinner, which like Hello, that's amazing. So, yeah, definitely go keen on that one. vegetables. What's your favorite? Maddie Miles 40:11 Um, I brussel sprouts. I mean, like hands down. Baldo 40:15 Yeah, Maddie Miles 40:16 you totally Oh my gosh. I love brussel Natalie Pupo 40:24 sprouts out there so the leaves that fall off after you roast them like I'm like a little squirrel and I literally just like Baldo 40:36 I used to think there was just like miniature lettuce. Maddie Miles 40:40 There's like mini cat litter. There are many cabbages they look like actually saw this Tick Tock and I don't I really just I watched it once. I didn't really like think much into it afterwards. I was pretty amazed. But it was like how broccoli cauliflower or like, cabbage, brussel sprouts. All of them are like the same plant. Yeah. And I Baldo 41:00 wouldn't be speaking Yeah, they are. Maddie Miles 41:02 Yeah. Baldo 41:04 The thing about I do it I do want to say about brussel sprouts, though, is that I find that it's like in a lot of restaurants is like, like an appetizer, but it's easily done with so many other like, you know, sugars and like because there's so I mean tasty and easy and I guess they're cheap to make. Maddie Miles 41:20 They're not that cheap, though, like organic brussel sprouts, like a tiny bag that I go through, like literally in a day or 256 bucks. Yeah, compared to like broccoli. That's like, you know, yeah, Baldo 41:33 I just find that I go to restaurants and you see that in the thing, but it's usually like in the appetizer menu, and you see it very often, at least here in Austin, you're doing a lot of times, it's like, I'm just not into that because it has all these other things with it. But the taste Maddie Miles 41:48 is good. I mean, you got to enjoy life. You know, you got to know obviously like, you know, my favorite way to cook them is just with some, you know, like avocado oil, or olive oil and some sea salt. I think that's delicious. But yeah, I mean, I do really love like I actually made this great. This is for Thanksgiving. I'm like maple syrup glaze for the brussel sprouts. And everyone my family was obsessed with them. They were so delicious. Natalie Pupo 42:17 Sounds delicious. I also wanted to point out to you, I'm sure there's a lot of listeners saying like, Oh my goodness, like every time I eat cruciferous vegetables I get so bloated, I do have a lot of women that you know, they kind of get scared to almost eat like brussel sprouts or broccoli. But I find tip is like just steaming them for five to eight minutes is really a great way to help digest our food. So cruciferous vegetables, for sure. So yeah, just doing that. And then, like you said, roasting them to attain them, putting them in pesto or whatever. Um, it just be easier to digest if if anyone does have any digestive issues. Maddie Miles 42:54 Yes. And yeah, and you know, that's a whole nother topic for conversation. But, you know, if someone's having like extreme bloating with vegetables, like me as the health practitioner I am I'm like, Okay, well, let's look up the gut. You know, it's not the vegetables that are bad for you. Vegetables are great. They're amazing. They're loaded with so many micronutrients. phytonutrients and, you know, fiber and protein events, so but the vegetables themselves are great, but if you're really having a severe reaction to them, well, let's see what's going on with the gut. You know, is your gut lining a little you know, leaky? Is it seeping through the proteins into your bloodstream? Let's fix up the gut. Let's seal the gut. And let's start incorporating those delicious root vegetables back into your diet. Natalie Pupo 43:38 Girl your professional Maddie Miles 43:42 question that you know, you got off the shoulder. Um, okay, what about for fruit? I think I don't know girl. I mean, I love persimmons, and I love strawberries. Natalie Pupo 43:57 I gotta go with I love persimmons too. It's really hard for us to get persimmons over here though. So it's like a one week or a year that we get them but I love figs and like a huge fig fanatic too. Yes, Maddie Miles 44:11 I do love fixed you I make these really good. Oh, okay, well, I'm just gonna tell you my meal prep and for the space. I make these Figgy fudge bites I call them and so you know a lot of people use dates and they're like, energy balls and no bake recipes. And I substitute the dates that I use normally and other times of the month with figs and like figs and cacau I use sunflower seed butter. And I mean I put some other stuff and I can't remember off the top of my head. But yeah, they're my Figgy fudge bites. And I meal prep them on Sundays and they munch on them throughout the week. Natalie Pupo 44:49 I like that I like them a lot. That sounds delicious. Baldo 44:52 But I was wondering when some chocolate was gonna come into the picture Maddie Miles 44:57 I mean chocolate all times of the month. Actually during the Aviva Tory phase chocolate is really good too. So it's like this is a supplement like I'm eating my chocolate and like it's a supplement. And then red lentil is the only legume. I really you know, and I love making like red lentil Kareem putting some carrots in there, um, tomatoes, red bell pepper, which are also fantastic for the space and spinach. And yeah, I love my red lentil curry. That's another great recipe that's super easy to meal prep, you know, you make a big batch of it. You can freeze half of it and you can eat the rest of it, you know, throughout the week. Natalie Pupo 45:43 Yeah, I have a really good red lentil doll. Maddie Miles 45:46 You know, darlin? Yes, of course. So delicious. Natalie Pupo 45:50 I love doll too, especially obviously over here in the cold winter months. I seem to like repeat that recipe over and over again. It's just basically red, red lentils, coconut milk, full fat, coconut milk, lots of spices. And I always have nice, fresh sourdough bread on the side to do them. Oh, good. Maddie Miles 46:12 I love that. I love that. Baldo 46:15 red lentil pasta is my favorite gluten free pasta. Maddie Miles 46:18 You just lentil pasta. Like you have to be so vigilant when you're cooking it because if you even overcook it by like 10 seconds, it literally turns into one big noodle. Natalie Pupo 46:29 I know. Maddie Miles 46:30 Yeah, we're just like slash I'm like What happened? Natalie Pupo 46:36 Your friends. Oh, good. Baldo 46:39 I'm gonna read lentil pasta with a vegan Alfredo sauce that I made with with cauliflower. That was delicious. Natalie Pupo 46:49 I love that. Maddie Miles 46:51 My favorite nut during this space is actually pecans. And I get this I buy this great date pecan butter. It's literally just blended dates and pecans. From Abby's better, amazing female owned nut butter company, which I highly recommend people go and check out her products because Abby is so cool. But I munch on that throughout this phase. It's delicious. I put it into any like baked recipes I put on top of my oatmeal or whatever I'm eating for breakfast. What about you nap? Natalie Pupo 47:23 Um, so again, I have a recipe called golden milk hormone balancing energy balls. And there's so good many you have to try them. Well, yeah, they even have the turmeric in there, which is again, very good for the obvious. Obvious Satori phase. So yeah, a lot of like anti inflammatory spices and then the sunflower seeds. Sesame seeds. I believe there's some almonds in there too. But um, yeah, I just I love those energy balls for that time of the month. Maddie Miles 47:58 The sound of that. Okay, luteal phase. And I'm in my luteal phase right now. So let's talk about it. I I mean, I have a lot of foods from this phase. I mean, I think it's my favorite phase in terms of foods like bananas, sweet potatoes, squash, deeds, apples, chickpeas. I mean, goodness, there's so many amazing foods during this during this phase. And it's two weeks long for most people. So it's like an extra long time of just feeling really good about eating bananas. It's a potato. Baldo 48:40 Is there a sweet potato and banana like recipe you have? I'm curious if those two to go to go together? Maddie Miles 48:45 Yeah, a sweet potato breakfast ball. You steam for Steam morose and sweet potato. And then you blend it mash it up, or you can just slicing qubit and then put some like bananas on it. I was so happy. Um, and they had this I mean, sprinkle some, like nuts or seeds over it or you know some sunflower seed butter. Yeah. Yeah, that's a great meal prep recipe right there. Natalie Pupo 49:19 I saw a girl yesterday she was making a breakfast that was totally geared to the luteal phase but she had no idea was but she roasted a holsey potato for breakfast. And then she opened it up and kind of like smooshed the middle and then she added some sauteed Apple satays and apples and cinnamon and then she put it in it and she sprinkled granola on top and I was like oh that looks so amazing. I need to dry that. Maddie Miles 49:51 Oh my gosh that's so funny that you saw this yesterday because our that you're talking to someone about this yesterday cuz I was following along with one of my friends who I met through Instagram as well, yesterday and she made a sweet potato breakfast ball. And again like I don't think she knew that that was like as great for the luteal phase. But I was like, Whoa, she's that she's got you know sweet potato, the banana. She's got some granola man like she's crushing it and she doesn't even know. Natalie Pupo 50:19 No, not at all. But yeah, that looks delicious. Maddie Miles 50:23 That's so funny. Yeah, I mean, it's such an easy phase in terms of cycles in Europe in terms of meal prep as well. Because it's really easy to meal prep some sweet potato, you know, pumpkin or squash and just, you know, roast those and put them in Tupperware and leave those in your fridge. cauliflower, you can make a bunch of, you know, pasta sauces, even like dairy free kaiso with cauliflower. So there's a bunch of things that you can meal prep and it's really easy to throw a bowl together during this phase because you know, brown rice is a great grain to eat during the space. So if you have some brown rice prepped, you have some sweet potato prepped and cauliflower. And then you have you know, some chickpeas or you know, Great Northern or navy beans, you just throw those all together in a bowl, and you know, dress how you would like and season how you'd like and you have a lunch or dinner and it tastes delicious and you are eating a whole load of foods that are going to support your hormones. Natalie Pupo 51:22 Totally, totally. Yeah, I was just gonna say and two peas are like my go to for like all my like meatless days because they're so high in fiber, as you know, and plant based protein and they're just such an easy way like I can whip up like a hummus in like five minutes and there or do you know, chickpeas falafels or anything they're just so I could not live without to feed like they're just one of those ones. I just couldn't I just I like constantly have like, huge bags of them. Maddie Miles 51:55 I love these as well. I love them. Um, I made something super interesting. The other week of them. I'm trying to remember what it was. I Oh, I can't really remember. I do love making like a beet hummus. And I'm actually allergic to Sesame sadly. So I can't make my hummus with DDT. But I love putting sunflower seed butter in them. Hmm. Natalie Pupo 52:20 Okay. Yeah, I didn't know that about you. If at the sesame, Maddie Miles 52:27 you're like, hold up, we can't be friends. I'm looking at your face right now. And you're like, Huh, I'm reevaluating this friendship. Natalie Pupo 52:38 Because you're gonna start using the beat leaves. So now it's all bouncing out, you know? Maddie Miles 52:45 Oh, my goodness. I know. I actually I just took a food sensitivity test today this morning. And, you know, for the two to three days leading up to taking a food sensitivity test. You're supposed to be eating the foods that you want to test at least two times. So I actually did um, it was funny. I was with a friend last night eating dinner. And I was like, I need to eat sesame but I don't have any sesame in my pantry. You know, like obviously I don't eat sesame. And so I don't buy it and he was like, I have everything but the bagel seasoning and I'll bring it over and I was like, okay, bring it over. He brought everything but the bagel seasoning and I was like dusting it on everything. Which by the way I know everyone is like obsessed with everything but the bagel seasoning from Trader Joe's. I wasn't that big of a fan, honestly, but anyway, I was putting it on everything. And my stomach hurts so bad last night. I was like, I don't think I even need a food sensitivity test to this like I just know. I just know but um, yeah, it was funny. But anyway, I've had a lot of fun these last few days just eating all these foods that I want to test. Natalie Pupo 53:51 I know what it's like it's okay to have a couple food sensitivities like I'm like that was to potatoes. Maddie like my I look like I swell up to like nine months pregnant. It's like immediate it's I think it's more of like an allergy slash I don't know but um, but yeah, so you potatoes and corn like are just not my friend and sometimes I still eat them cuz they're like ingredients that like I really liked but I know like right after I need to, like put on my sweat pants like right away. Maddie Miles 54:22 My sweat pants sometimes some ginger tea. And yeah. And yeah, maybe some digestive enzymes or bitters to help with that, you know, process because, you know, life is short. We got to eat the foods that you know, make us happy and taste good. But you know it? Yeah, definitely. Like, you know, if you're sensitive to something, it's probably not something you should be eating every single day, multiple times a day because your body's going to get a little bit frustrated with you. Because you're just you know, building upon like inflammation each time you eat it, but to have Got a couple of times a week totally fine. I recommend people space it out like by 48 hours though just to have give your body that time to reduce that inflammation before you eat another food that you're sensitive to. But um, yeah, I'm sorry that it's you're sensitive to sweet potatoes. I could eat sweet potato for like every single meal. Natalie Pupo 55:19 I know, when I eat a lot of squash instead, it's not the same you know, but it's it's just, I love to potato same but different. Yeah. Maddie Miles 55:33 Oh my goodness. Well, this has been like such a fun episode. Like it's been 55 minutes. And I don't even feel like it's been that long. How has Time flies when you're talking to people who you love. Natalie Pupo 55:45 It's so true. It's so much fun. Thank you so much for having me. Here you are, you really are such a ray of light in this world, Maddie so Maddie Miles 55:55 big your net, I feel the exact same way about you, which is why we instantly connected and why I wanted you to come on this podcast with me. And I mean, we'll have to do more conversations because we have endless amount of topics to talk about. And this has just been such a blast. You're such a gem, thank you for taking the time, Baldo 56:15 please come visit us. Maddie Miles 56:16 Please come visit us in Austin. And um, I mean, if there's anything else you want to say, just throw it out there right now where can people find you because you are brilliant. So, you know, tell us where we can find you. Natalie Pupo 56:30 Um, so you can find me on my social media handles. I have Instagram. So I'm at the naturally Natalie. And I also have my own website and food blog is www dot the naturally um, and yeah, I'm always here to I love like when people just randomly messaged me, I don't know about you, but I just love and they reach out love it. And just, you know, tell me that I'm doing great things, or they have a question or whatever. I love connecting with people. It's Yes. So yeah, please don't hesitate. Maddie Miles 57:07 It just makes it makes what we do so much more worth it because it's like, we're doing all of it. We're not doing this for ourselves. You know, we're doing this for other people. So to hear like, you know that people appreciate what we're doing and that they're actually like, they're benefiting from the work that we're putting out there. It is so rewarding. So we definitely share that. And you know, just another reason why I connect with you and why I love you so much. So thank you for adding that. Yes, everyone, please reach out to Natalie. Tell her. Hey, what's up? She's super sweet. She will answer all of her DMS. And most of the time she's very similar to me in this way. She will probably respond in all caps. And we're not screaming at you. We're just very happy enthusiastic people. Natalie Pupo 57:53 And and 30 exclamation mark. Yes. Maddie Miles 57:56 So many emojis. So it's crazy. Oh, all right, ready? Thank you Natalie. Thank you to everyone for tuning in to another episode of The Maddy miles podcast. Please share this with anyone who you think would benefit from this episode. As always, I love you all. Peace, love hormones.


Host - Maddie Miles [@themaddiemiles]
Guest - Natalie Pupo [@thenaturallynatalie]
Podcast Production - Andy Havranek [@ajhavranekphoto]
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