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[00:01] Intro To The Female Health & Wellness Podcast.
[02:02] Why I Started This Podcast.
[03:36] My Health History's Role In This Podcast.
[04:18] Overview Of What This Podcast Will Bring To You.
[04:42] My Eating Disorder & Body Image Journey.
[06:38] The Decision To Freedom.
[11:08] Hormone Replacement Therapy.
[14:00] Inspiration Of Research To Love My Body.
[14:32] Using My Journey As A Source Of Inspiration For Others.
[16:32] Dedication To This Podcast And My Journey To Understanding And Helping Other Females Who Have Struggled With Anorexia And Other Health And Wellness Issue.
[17:46] Look Out For My E-Books.



Recovery Is Not A Move Process, It Requires Our Own Personal Struggles To Free Ourselves Of The Bondage We Planted In Our Minds.
It Is Never An Easy Task And It Is Definitely, Not A Trivial Matter As People Would Think.
There Are Days When There Are Thoughts That Make Us Feel Like We Are Not Beautiful Or Sexy Enough.
If You Are Feeling Like This Or Knows Someone Who Is Struggling Then This Health And Wellness Podcast Is For You; You Are Not Alone.
Making Peace With Food, Improving Body Image, And Live Authentically Is What We Crave For And This Podcast Will Also Air Speakers With Personal Stories Of Hope For Recovery.


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[00:02] Maddie Miles :

Hi guys, it is Maddie and welcome to the Maddie miles podcast.

I know it's a little confusing many of you may know me as Madeline's cookbook, which has been my brand ever since starting my blog about almost two years ago, which is crazy. But it is time for a rebrand as you all know, I have completely changed, does everything that my brand and my blog is about. And I focus more on Integrative Health and Wellness now with a specialty in a true passion and female hormonal health. So I was like, Okay, I need a new name to encompass all that I'm doing now and Madeline's cookbook, although, although cute and catchy, and my baby name, you know, I needed to change it because it wasn't cutting it anymore. But I will literally frame that logo, Madeline's cookbook, and hang it in my office, and I'll use it again, in one way or another in the future. But yeah, I decided on the Maddy miles because I was like, You know what, this is who I am, this is what I'm passionate about. And I will be able to, you know, change my brand, my services, whatever it may be, you know, in the future much more easier if I'm just the MADI miles and that's who I am. So it makes things very simple. And speaking of this rebrand, I've been staring at a screen for the last like, 48 hours looking at, like, the slightest difference, variations of my new logo. And I've thrown it up on my private story. I've been texting everyone in my family and all my close friends. And, you know, everyone, it's pretty much split in the middle of, you know, which people like there's like two options now. And I'm just, I'm going crazy people I need I need to stop looking at logos for a little bit. So I was like, perfect. Let's record my intro for this podcast. And you guys, I'm so so excited. Um, you know, if you've been following me, on my Instagram page, you've seen me do Instagram lives. You've seen me do reels. You've seen me do igt B's, I love engaging with you guys. And I just love talking about all beings, health and wellness, especially when it comes to female health and hormones. So, you know, the podcast is a great avenue for me to just reach out reached more people I know not everyone's on Instagram for whatever reason, and, you know, I'm whatever, for whatever reason, I just would love to have a podcast and to bring other you know, specialist on here, other friends of mine on here and talk about all things health, you know, um, it's a passion of mine. And when we get into female hormones, it's a total niche. And most females don't know how our hormones work. And Gosh, I'm trying to like control myself right now and not get too deep into it. I'm like, okay, Mads, this is only the intro. It's only the intro. Let's keep it short and sweet. You know, that's for later episodes. But yeah, I want to open this up to all of you guys, if you have a specific question for me, if you have a specific topic for me that you want me to answer during a podcast, or even make an entire podcast episode about, I would love to hear your opinions and your input and your questions. So please send them my way. Whether it is through Instagram, commenting on this podcast, or emailing me, if you have my number, just text me. Okay, but anyway, I really quickly just want to talk about my health history. And, you know, what got me into the health and wellness space, um, and why it's a passion of mine, and then more specifically, why I now am specializing in female hormones. So and again, I mean, this is only the intro, I plan on having many episodes where we can dive deeper into, you know, my history with an eating disorder, or with anxiety and my struggle with mental illness. We can talk more about my experience with hormonal birth control and then coming off the pill. So there are so many topics that I'm going to briefly touch over right now and just give you kind of a quick overview so you know who the heck Maddie miles is and why you should keep listening to this podcast and why you should hit the subscribe button. But yes, just you know, fair warning and just let you guys know, we will definitely go much deeper into each of these topics in future episodes.

So yes, I mentioned it already. I was sick with anorexia. I was diagnosed when I was in seventh grade. So I was a young Glenn, um, and a bunch was going on in my life at the time I, you know, had been diagnosed years prior with insomnia and with anxiety and depression and you know, I was in and out, shuffled in and out, I've seen a bunch of different medical specialist. so grateful that for my parents who are incredibly loving and

[05:12] Maddie Miles :

loving and caring, and you know, they just wanted the best for me, and they noticed that I was sick. And so, you know, as very scared nervous parents who didn't want to lose their child, they shuffled me in and out of different, you know, hospitalization programs, partial hospitalization programs, outpatient you name it, we tried about just about everything, none of which were successful in the long term, you know, is always kind of like a quick fix, like, I'd go into a program, I would gain the weight back, because, you know, I was, you know, hooked up to feeding tubes, or I was being forced to eat, you know, doctors are watching over me, and, you know, whatever the case may be, I would gain the weight back. I would, quote unquote, graduate from the program. And then I would get out and I would relapse because I never fully recovered emotionally, I was not, I wasn't ready myself to recover. So, you know, I was in this very up and down roller coaster of a battle with anorexia from seventh grade on and off throughout my senior year of high school. And I am going to do an entire episode just on that journey. Because I'm not unique or alone in my struggles with an eating disorder, it is incredibly common. Many females struggle with it to different degrees, of course, we are all unique, individual human beings. So our experiences in all regards of life are very unique to ourselves, but, you know, many one mimic many females and males as well. You know, struggle with body image. And, you know, when you struggle with body image, and your, you struggle with your self worth and self acceptance, we start to try and control our exercise in our food. And yeah, so anyway, I will get much more into my, in my journey with anorexia, but I did heal, I finally healed I came around. And, you know, it was my final time sitting in, laying in a hospital bed hooked up to a feeding tube that I was like, Okay, this is not what I want my life to be like, you know, there's so much that I want to do. So, you know, it was really that pivotal moment where I decided myself, it wasn't my parents, it wasn't the doctors, it was me who saw that I was sick, and I was ready to, I was ready to recover and to live life. So I went on and I studied abroad and I had a blast. I went to, you know, four years undergrad at the University of Missouri, had an absolute blast. I really loved it. And I'm grateful that I got to do that because for the longest time, doctors were telling me that I would not be able to go to college, even I wouldn't be able to be away from my parents or, you know, my medical team, because I was so sick, not just physically but also emotionally. So I recovered, I studied abroad, I went to undergrad, I went and worked I had an internship every single summer at an internship abroad and an internship in Chicago, which is where I'm from, by the way, internship in Austin, Texas for my final summer of college and realized I loved Austin, Texas. So I'm back in Austin baby and I'm loving it. It is the place to be especially if you are into a holistic lifestyle. And yeah, so I've found my tribe and I found my plates for sure. But I am a little traveling beast. So once it is safer to do so I will be back on the road and I will be traveling I'm probably go back to Spain and travel around Europe for a little bit but with Austin always be in my home base. And Gosh, I get off onto little tangents I need someone to like be here sitting next to me controlling me and keeping me on topic. Um, but anyway, so recovering from anorexia, you know, the last our, you know, four years of being in college, it made me realize, okay, I need to I'm the only one who can, you know, hold myself accountable for keeping myself healthy. So, you know, I saw a therapist, I saw a dietician who was an integrative dietitian, and, you know, I really appreciated her approach to things and just like, you know, let's not put you on medication, let's use, let's use herbs and essential oils, and vitamins and minerals. And they, you know, that was the first time I was ever introduced to vitamin therapy and IV therapy as well. And I was still a little skeptical, which is only reasonable because you know, we I grew up and we live in a society where we value conventional medicine and we trust it more so than we do for like the integrative and functional, more natural ways to healing the body. We are obsessed with the quick fixes and you know, medication and surgeries and these invasive procedures provide that super quick

[10:01] Maddie Miles :

And, you know, not everyone wants to spend the time truly getting to know their body and healing their body. And it was when I got into college that I started to become more interested in that. I was like, you know, I have, you know, free time I don't, I don't have kids, I don't have a full time job, you know, I'm just in school. And, you know, I just want to feel good. I just remember, like, sitting there and just talking to my parents and being like, I'm still not sleeping. You know, like, I feel sad, like, one day, I'm super sad. The next day, I'm happy. And sometimes it was even like, moment to moment, I was changing my mood. And, you know, I was sick of, you know, being prescribed, like Ambien, and just different pharmaceuticals to help me with, you know, my poor mood or the sleep issues. And so,

I remember talking to my integrated, integrative dietitian, and I was like, I want to, you know, I just want to use vitamins and herbs, and I want to transition off of these pharmaceuticals that I'm on because they're just making me feel worse. And I, the root issue is still it's still there. So we transitioned me slowly off of you know, the pharmaceuticals that I was on. But the one pharmaceutical that I was still taking up until just about eight months ago, with birth control. So I was on hormonal birth control, I was put on hormonal birth control when I was in high school. And I did not have a period at the time. Because I was sick with anorexia, and my body was just in a constant state of, you know, stress and fight or flight for those six years of my life. So my body which, you know, our bodies are incredibly smart, it was like heck to the No, are we in a good state to be having a menstrual cycle, because the menstrual cycle is all about, you know, procreate in life. And so, if a female's body feels under attack, or stressed out, whether it be you're not eating enough, you're not drinking enough water, you're not sleeping enough your tribe, your community is under attack, or you don't have shelter, whatever the reason may be, your body is going to shut down, it's gonna spike up that adrenaline and that cortisol, it's gonna steal from your other hormones. And don't be stressed out about this right now. Because I'm going to get into this, this is what this podcast is going to be about. So don't stress out about knowing exactly what I'm talking about. But, you know, anyway, long story short, cortisol steals, essentially, from our other hormones, and it just becomes kind of like the runner of the show, and it shuts off your cycle. So yes, my I had lost my cycle doctors, um, you know, MDS, told my parents that if we put on birth control, it'll trigger a period, which full disclosure, you do not have a period, you do not have a healthy menstrual cycle when you are on hormonal birth control. It shuts down your cycle. So yeah, anyway, I lost a cycle. I haven't, you know, didn't have it, obviously, while I was on birth control, I wasn't even getting that breakthrough bleeding. And once I had switched packs, I had switched packs, because I was just, I was feeling crazy. And I went into my gynecologist and I was like, What is going on? Like, can we put me on a lower, you know, dosage of, you know, hormones and all that stuff. So I did switch at one point and that gave me like, literally no breakthrough bleeding Even so, I went years and years and years of menstrual cycle. And it was at the beginning of quarantine, that I was like, Okay, I don't even own Advil, I literally, like we take CBD for everything. If I'm having a headache, when I got my wisdom teeth out, I took CBD, I didn't use the painkillers. You know, I don't take any pharmaceuticals. And you know, I do all of this, you know, great stuff for my body and for my health, but I still take birth control every single day. And you know, up until that point, I was still struggling on an office sleeping issues, and mood issues as well and a super low libido. And I was just like, you know what, I'm, I need to get off of this, but I need to do my research. So I did a bunch of reading woman code and beyond the pill were like my, essentially my Bibles and when it came to getting off the pill, it really sparked a lot of you know, inspiration to continue learning about like my body and about female hormones about what birth control does for you what alternative methods for birth control are, again, all of this stuff that a female should know from, you know, her birth, but we're not taught this unless we seek it out. Which is what I had to do. Which I'm so grateful for though because this entire journey has just it's opened my eyes It's made me more appreciative of my body which I mean being more appreciative of your body is it's so incredible to feel that way after you know having struggled with an eating disorder for so long and no not appreciating my body and now to like be so in tune with it. And to appreciate it and love it is it's beautiful guys. It's so beautiful and I just hope that every female can feel that way. But I can't just sit here and hope and cross my fingers that, you know, every female will come to this conclusion herself. And we'll spend all of the time, the money and the energy learning all of this stuff. I need to be proactive and I need to use my voice, I need to use my platform, which was Madeline's cookbook, which is now the Maddie miles to help other females to, you know, inform females of Okay, so this is how your body works. These are how hormones work if you're experiencing this symptom. You know, that's not normal. I don't want females to think that, you know, these terrible PMS symptoms are normal. You know, if we have balanced hormones, our period, it should be something that is actually really beautiful. And it shouldn't be something that we're like treading every single month. So you know, I've taken it into my hands, too, you know, break the stigma around periods. They're really flippin cool guys, like, I mean, we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for females and being able to, you know, carry around procreate life and carry on little babies and are not tummies. So, you know, I want to break the stigma I want to inform you all about, you know, if you're experiencing this PMS symptom, this is how you can fix it and how you can rebalance your body. I'm a huge proponent for Integrative Health, which is why I'm back in school right now to be an integrative health practitioner, I've pretty much dedicated my life at this point to just forever learning more and more and more, once I'm done with this school, and I'm gonna hop into the next program, our certification course, to just get more in depth about female hormones about you know, gi issues, emotional wellness, like you name it, I'm just gonna forever be learning. Yeah, and hopefully down the line, you know, I want this podcast to grow, I want my channels, especially Instagram to grow. This rebranding for my website will be awesome. And once I'm done with schooling, I want to take more females on, you know, one on one, and I don't want to call them patients, I think that that's, you know, I don't know, it just, it's like a number almost, I want to say clients, or I want to say like, just my girls like, yeah, my girls, but I want to take you guys on I want to be your go to health practitioner, you know, and I want to just be your general health practitioner, I want to help you balance your hormones. And then whenever there's something that I can't really help you with, whether it be you know, acupuncture, or, you know, massage therapy, you know, chiropractic care, whatever it is, I will have people in my tribe, who I trust, and use myself who I can recommend that you see. But yes, and also keep a lookout for books, I know many of you guys have supported me and you know, my ebooks, which you can still find linked on my Instagram bio, you can find a cookbook, which is all full of plant based recipes, you can find a cycle thinking a guide to help you, you know, there's grocery lists there, there's the seeds that you're supposed to be eating throughout the month.

Those are two great books and references for you guys to look at. In the meantime, while I'm creating my next cookbook, which is going to be a cycle thinking cookbook. If any of you guys have been following me on Instagram, you know that I am a cycle thinker, I cycle think my foods and my exercises. And the whole idea behind that is that there are certain foods, vitamins, minerals, herbs, and seeds and exercises that match up with your unique time of the month, which our hormones are changing on a biochemical level, weekly, daily, a little bit every single day, but more dramatically every single week. And so that cookbook is going to be kind of it's going to be a little bit of fun. And a little bit of science, which I think science is fun. But not everyone likes it, I'll make sure that it's easy to comprehend. But yeah, so a lot to look forward to. And again, I just want to say thank you all so so, so much for supporting me. You know, I hop on Instagram, multiple times a day, and I just have like an influx of messages from you know, all of you guys, whether it's asking me questions, just reaching out and saying, like, you look so cute in this story, or, you know, telling me that I've helped inspired you to learn more about your body and to get off the pill. Again, I don't care if you want to stay on the pill, or get off the pill or use an IUD. At the end of the day, I just want you to make an informed decision for your body. And that's, you know, that's the key word informed, you know, I many of us aren't informed. So I just want to be that guide for you all and yeah, so anyway, let me know if there are any topics or questions that you guys have that you want me to dive into with my podcast episodes. If not, I have a whole host of topics that I want to talk about. So until then, I love you All find me on Instagram let's connect and I think I want this to be my signature like closing because I do it a lot for my igtv but Peace Love hormones. I love you all until then. Thanks for tuning in to the Maddy miles podcast. Oh I did we How do I pause I don't want to delete it. How long was it 


Host - Maddie Miles [@themaddiemiles]
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